BeerBaller Rules


PREPARATION of teams of 2, 2 balls, 10 beer cups and 1 water cup per side
SHOOT teams throw alternately, always both team players have one throw
ELLBOW elbow must be behind the edge of the table when dropping
STRIKE If a goal is scored, the opponent must drink this cup and put it away
DEFENSE As soon as the ball bounces on the table or cup, the ball may be defended
GENTLEMEN No blowing / fingers! When the ball is in the cup, no more defense possible
RERACK 6 / 3 / 1 Cups left → Cups are moved to the front for the perfect pyramid → with a different number of cups no changeover is possible!



BOUNCER Bounct Ball on table and hits Cup → 1 extra Cup
2 POINTER Both team players hit back into 2 different cups → balls
3 POINTER Both team players meet in the same cup → 2 extra cups (total 3) and balls back



REDEMPTION Last cup hit → both opponents may throw again
OVERTIME If the redemption → is successful, two pyramids of 3 in the middle opposite each other.Attention: You can easily hit your own cups
SUDDEN DEATH If cup hit is not completely drunk up during the game and hit by opponent → whole game lost directly



ON FIRE 1 player 3 hits in a row → Player may throw until he misses
ISLAND Standing alone for 1 Cup without neighbouring Cups
→ Each player may announce 1x in the game Iceland
→ If a goal is scored, 1 Cup extra, other Cups do not count
TRICKSHOT When ball rolls over the middle of the table → Special throw (e.g. with eyes closed)